C for Covid. C for China.

Coronavirus‘,or ‘Covid-19’ , a term which has caused thousands of casualties and has affected millions of homosapiens directly and billions indirectly , has become a humanitarian crisis .
There have been several decades since the world has seen such a global threat which has grown so rapidly that the countries like USA, UK, Italy, and several developed European nations are now on their knees. But here, we are not going to talk about an obvious topic :Corona virus.

Instead of that we are going to talk about a country from where the virus has been originated, a country know as the manufacturing hub of the world, a country with most humans , yes you are right ,we are discussing China, no surprise!

China has grown as a pandemic centre of the world, with more than a couple of deadly viruses being originated there in last two decades.
China has been a real trouble maker for the world since the emergence of communist party popularly known as CCP – and their trouble has multiplied multifold from disturbing it’s neighbors through border dispute to being completely silent about the human to human transfer of such deadly virus.

Here is the list of what the mighty Chinese regime has done to counter the virus ,which was originated in their soil and now has troubled more than 195 countries :

*Hide and seek specialists : When the virus was first find out by a local virologist in Wuhan and he became a whistle blower ,the communist nation made him disappear. Not allowing a proper investigation of it’s wet market. Many freelancer journalists doctors,citizens suddenly disappeared within few weeks,coincident? I think not.

*Fake Propaganda : Blaming USA for the origin of covid-19 then u-turning on it. Spreading the false rumors and trying to threaten the countries on export/import.

*Opportunist and Manipulator : Using WHO (World health organisation) for manipulating the facts and cleansing the international image of China again and again. Who seems to be like a puppet in the hands of a master. WHO first claimed that the virus is not deadly and there is no human to human infection. The WHO head Tedros himself was the incharge of the Wuhan coronavirus infection.

Ultimately when the virus started spreading out of the China, the WHO admitted that it’s infectious . A deadly virus originated in December 2019 , was declared a ‘worldwide pandemic’ after three and a half months of its first case and after one month of being spread in all continents, except for Antarctica ofcouse! Not only this, WHO has been following ‘One China Policy’ and has completely neglected a country with more than 20 million people : Taiwan, whose government has been an inspiration for the whole world ,containing the pandemic so much so that till now it has around 400 cases with less than 10 casualties. World is asking one question, why WHO has been so desperately backing up China ?

*Covid-19 supply chain: When the virus was on full fledge in the city of Wuhan, the Chinese government cancelled all the domestic flights from it’s all provinces to Wuhan but kept it’s international flight open.

The countries such as India, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, were spared initially from the spread of the virus as they had already started monitoring everyone coming from abroad. But Europe was not that lucky.Many Italians hugged Chinese people for the sake of not being called ‘racists’ and they payed a huge price for that.From Europe it has reaches United States and has caused a health havoc there. So what intentions did chinese government had when they didn’t ban foreign travel ? we can clearly see it through the increasing number of cases.

*Hoarding and making profits : One can claim China for doing business and making immoral profit by hoarding masks and supplying defective price ppe kits . In the initial period of 2020 , china started manufacturing masks, gloves and sanitizers secretly in a large amount and then waited for the demands to get high ultimately making profits during a global emergency.

China had sent faulty ppe kits to many nations including India, Spain at the time when these nations heeded it the most. The coronavirus testing kits in Rajastan, India has shown an accuracy of precisely less than 4% .Also , not to forget they send their iron brother nation Pakistan, masks made of underwears

*Territorial and inter-maritine dispute : Whether it is Himalayan range, or resourceful South China Sea, China has been continuously increasing it’s border disputes event with land neighbors like India challenging her sovereignty .

Also claiming international water in South China Sea killing fisherman’s of Vietnam and Indonesia. Obviously China is doing so to show it’s dominance in the region and also to turn the attention of the world away from Covid-19 virus.

*Interfering in internal politics of other nations : Leave alone the border dispute, China is now openly showing some hands in the internal politics of Nepal. Nepal , just like China, has a communist government at centre and is indirectly supporting China by criticising a border road construction on Indian side, which was pending from 2008 and is not a recent development. Nepal communist party leaders were summoned by the Chinese ambassador and their inner conflicts are rumoured to be solved by the Chinese ambassador to Nepal, can you believe it ?

One example is that Chinese media recently claimed MT. Everest, the world’s highest mountain situated in Nepal-china border. Eventually ,they are claiming everything except for the virus.

*No country for black men? : China’s hate towards Uighur Muslims is not hidden from anyone. One more fact which has been proven now is that the mighty CCP is running a racist regime. Several viral videos against Africans residing in China has proved it.This has made several African nations criticize the Chinese regime openly.

But instead of showing an apologetic behavior towards fellow Africans. China is claiming herself to be the victim of racism all over the world as discussed earlier in Italy’s case .

*Immorality and debt trap diplomacy: China and it’s OBOR (one belt one road) has also been in news ever since it’s concept has arisen. Giving loans to the smaller nations and capturing their land on lease if they fail to pay back is the new way of colonizing in 21st century aka, Neo-colonization . The clear example is the Hambantotta port of Sri Lanka. During the outbreak, several countries are demanding china to let go their loan or at least the interest but the Chinese regime has clearly mentioned that the loan amount would not be negotiated . Eventually not giving up on the interest and debts on the nations which were given through one belt one road project that includes countries like : Italy, and several African nations,etc.

*Controlling several state run media: Global media has been continuously shutting their case when it comes to China except for few brave Media houses. Almost none of the international media , right now openly blames or criticize China and WHO for irritating the world with such a impotent and late response.

How the world is planning to counter the Chinese Communist Party : Currently an alliance has been forming against the Chinese communist party consisting USA and it’s allies. Several countries are following many ways to counter China and it’s aggression, ranging from removing their companies from china while maintaining economic distancing to supporting Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Clearly, the world has taken enough suffering from China -and is now openly criticising Chinese government for the irresponsible behavior towards the coronavirus, we along with the history books must prepare ourself for encountering some epic developments in near future .

10 thoughts on “C for Covid. C for China.

  1. As to the pandemic, my amazement is twofold:
    1. That 2.9 billion citizens can be manipulated and panicked so completely by media.
    2. That so few can contextualize the information they’re given, and draw their own conclusions.
    For example, I live in the Midwest at the heart of North America. I will give only a few distinctions between here and places CCP virus has hit so hard:
    Air pollution
    In provinces of C. w/ highest death toll often have air quality indexes on a scale highly polluted to toxic, w/ point values between 90-110.
    MW. air quality is very clean w/ ratings in range of 25-35.

    C. provinces w/ high death rate also share very high rates of smoking, especially among males.
    MW. states have much lower death rates and much lower rates of smokers.

    C. has a robust economy, but it’s a command economy. Therefore, it may not be legal for businesses to adapt to practices that protect the health of their employees or neighbors.
    MW. the economy under President T made astounding recovery reaching pinnacle before virus. Small businesses are the lifeblood of American employment. These small companies have historically owned great freedoms of choice to remain adaptable, therefore flexible to offer solutions to their employees and neighbors in crisis.

    However, we now share a world not under the rule of law, but under the rule of “emergency powers”. Millions around the globe have suffered from this disease AND have had their human rights stripped.

    My greatest concern?

    Freedom of Worship.
    In my home state of Minnesota and in my home city of St. Paul, we have not retained our “inalienable” rights to join together in worship. We who follow Christ lost Easter. Jews lost the Passover and many even Pesach. Muslims are banned from Ramadan. Our numerous neighbors of SE Asian descent (Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian, Hmong, Karen) reel from being barred from their temples.

    Walmart and Target stores are deemed “essential businesses” and remain open with health directives: masking, social distance, etc.

    Yet, all houses of worship are classified as ” non-essential”.

    This is why I fast for my State. Our G-d is worthy of continuous remembrance, honor, gratitude, praise, and worship. This bleak morning with frigid rain, (Yes, it’s only 49deg. here on May 17) we go to worship outside on the steps of our capitol. This is not an act of defiance to our Governor, but an act of compliance to the laws of the King of the Universe.
    May the faithful of the world find courage and hope in Him this day!

    Friend, thanks for your article!

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